Payment Schedule App

Payment Schedule App

I’ve long wished for a simplistic app for money management. Of the ones I’ve tried, they are often bloated with features and are generally unusable.

My ideal ‘money app’ shows only two types of information:

With this, and only this, information I can decide upon whether I can afford to spend.


I quickly (very) roughly sketched the idea down on paper to think through key features and user journeys, and to validate the idea in my head.

Rough wireframes


Then it was a case of designing the screens based on those quick low fidelity wireframes.

Key screens


I decided to focus the design of the app solely for iOS as it’s the Operating System I have most experience designing for.

Therefore as a result, with consideration for Apple’s Human Interface Guidelines, I realigned some elements to follow best practice for iOS apps. The hamburger menu was dropped for a Tab Bar as this is the best way to organise information, and it ensures that users won’t have to find hidden areas of the app.

Key screens on iOS


Using Marvel App, I created an interactive prototype to test both layout and interaction. You can interact with the prototype below.