Bonzai is a powerful, yet simple check-in manager designed for events professionals.

It simplifies check-in for the organising team and also the attendee, reducing time and stress during that key first stage of your event.

Product shut down in 2020.

I designed all aspects of Bonzai's ecosystem namely the iOS app for iPhone and iPad, Mac app, Web app and Marketing site.

Minimum Viable Product

I consulted with all key stakeholders and development teams in order to help draw up the scope and plan the delivery of the project. We created a Minimum Viable Product for both the iOS and Mac app in order to draw learnings from real-life customers. With this we planned to iteratively build up product features.

iOS App structure

Iterative Process

Initially low-fidelity wireframes using pen and paper were used to quickly demonstrate layout and user workflow.

After various feedback stages, we progressed to medium and high fidelity prototypes to communicate the visual design, functionality and illustrate user interactions. This also allowed for usability testing of the product which helped to validate the design.

Medium-Fidelity prototype for the iPad App

Web App

Alongside the iOS and Mac app, I worked on improving Bonzai's web application. I reviewed the existing system identifying areas of concern and set to improve the user experience by simplifying the user's workflow for key tasks.

As well as the UX improvements, I also applied a UI refresh to ensure the application looked fantastic but also provided a clarity and consistency which helped reduce any possible user frustration.

Dashboard Screen showing upcoming events
Event Screen
Attendee screen